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1 Billion Women and Girls by 2020!!

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... women and girls

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... more women and girls by 2020!

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Welcome to the Aspire Foundation






The Aspire Foundation - Trailblazing Women Making A Difference

You want to make a difference.

Because for people like you, 'success' means achieving fulfilment not just in one dimension but three: your personal life and your work and in giving back to your wider world.

The problem you can get stuck on is how give something back in a meaningful way that won't overwhelm your time, emotions or pocket.

The Aspire Foundation, non-profit sister organization of award-winning women's leadership consultancy Aspire, has already positively impacted the lives of 1 million women since we began in 2010.

We do this by providing very manageable, concrete ways for busy women and men to make a real difference to women leading change around the world, thus creating a positive ripple of change.

In particular, we provide 6 month pro-bono mentoring programs that match women who work in charities, nonprofits, social enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures with senior female and male mentors in the small business and corporate world.

We also support and jointly campaign with selected non-profit organizations that are making a significant difference to women who are bravely working in areas that are considered by the mainstream as challenging and unglamorous. Examples would be organizations that work to support women in the areas of suicide, war, rape, prostitution and violence.

Finally, we aim to initiate joint projects with corporations to develop leadership, entrepreneurial, strategic and sustainability skills for women globally.

What you can do…

  • Offer your services as a Mentor and share your business knowledge, wisdom and experience. The commitment is 1 hour a month for 6 months. >>
  • Become a Mentee and gain from the valuable insights and understanding that women and men in the business and corporate world can offer you, your career and your organization. >>
  • Join The Aspire Global Women Leaders' Workshop and Event Series to develop your leadership, entrepreneurial, strategic and sustainability skills in an unforgettable and meaningful context with inspiring women from very different backgrounds in both the developing and developed world. >>



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