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The Importance of Setting Targets - Why I Pledged to Help 1 Billion Women by 2020

In 2009 Dr Sam Collins set out to mentor and support 1million women. When she hit this goal she decided she needed to do more. She explains to The Guardian - Women in Leadership why women need to aim big....

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Want to Write a Business Book?  Put Your Pen Down and Start Talking

After years of being told that writing a book would be good for her company, Dr Sam Collins explains what finally drove her to do it. ...

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“What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were 12?”

Rosie Jakeways, aged 12, attended Aspire’s Connected Leadership event on work experience recently. One of her tasks was to collect 50 tips from the executive women attending. She asked the following question: “What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were 12?” Here are their responses....

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The Billion-Women March Begins With You

How Dr Sam Collins, CEO of Aspire, made a difference to 1 Million women, and how you can ‘Make it Happen’ this International Women’s Day....

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7 Ways to Help You Move Forward

Feeling stuck? Sometimes all it takes to move forward, even take gentle baby steps, is an encouraging word in your ear. Aspire’s CEO, Dr Sam Collins, offers seven simple pieces of wisdom to help you move to the next level.