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Gosia Gorna,
Transformational Coach

Gosia, winner of Transformational Coach of the Year 2014, is one of the most remarkable coaches in the world today. Originally from Poland, she uses intuitive insight and a range of highly effective techniques to bring about a profound transformation in people’s lives. In the past 20 years she has assisted over 5000 people to make outstanding decisions in their lives by helping them to clear their fears and use their intuition with confidence.

Gosia loves supporting change makers to accomplish their great work with clear mind, peaceful heart and reliable intuition and is the personal coach of Dr Sam Collins, Aspire’s founder and CEO.


To Boldly Go Where No Woman Has Gone Before…

The BBC has ‘courageously’ challenged tradition and enraged traditionalists by announcing a female Dr Who but there is still a big difference today in 2017 in the image that many companies portray and what really goes on behind closed doors as regards the appointment of women leaders.