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The Aspire 2017 M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Annual Leadership Conference

4th and 5th December, 2017 at Etc. Venues County Hall, Riverside Building, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 7PB, UK

Join Dr Sam Collins, CEO of Aspire and named as 'One of the Top 200 Women to Impact Business and Industry’ by Her Majesty, The Queen, and 'One of the Top 10 Coaches in the UK' by The Independent, and trailblazing women leaders from across industries, levels and backgrounds to lead, create change and make a transformational difference to your career, workplace, organisation and community.

The 3 Part Programme includes:
Part 1 - 60-Minute Preparation Webinar at 2.00pm UK time on 21st November 2017 (attend live or receive recording).   
Part 2 - The M.A.D. Leadership 2 Day Conference in London, UK on 4th and 5th December, 2017. 
Part 3 - ‘No Excuses’ Online Follow Up 60-Minute Webinar at 2.00pm UK time on 11th January, 2018 (attend live or receive recording).

Find out more about the agenda and speaker line up  HERE.

Develop the skills of exceptional M.A.D. leadership:

  • Be inspired to think bigger & define your leadership, career and making a difference vision for 2018.
  • Learn about the real life reality and career paths of women leaders. How have they achieved what they have? What steps did they take? How have they overcome their fears?
  • Gain top strategies on achieving new definitions of success, work/life balance, self care and resilience that challenge the norm and contribute towards organisational change.
  • Increase your courage and become fearless to achieve your personal, organisational and community goals and aspirations.

Be inspired and empowered:

  • Gain clarity on your unique purpose both personally and organisationally as a key to achieving success.
  • Increase your authenticity, confidence and gravitas to create greater personal and professional impact especially with challenging people and situations. 
  • Learn about some of the specific organisational and socio-cultural challenges for women as leaders and gain new ideas for diversity and inclusion.
  • Develop time leadership skills to move from being too busy and day to day to being a successful strategic leader of your time, life and career. 

Network & take action:

  • Share ideas, best practice and contacts, improve your networking skills, meet (or become) a mentor or role model and receive advice and support.
  • Leave with an inspiring and practical action plan that will propel you and others to make your goals a reality in 2018 and beyond.
  • Build a strong network of like-minded peers that will enable the sharing of ideas, resources and accountability to make sure you stay on track post event and achieve results. 
  • Get out of the office to focus on yourself, come out of your comfort zone and really challenge yourself. Helps to keep you on your toes and out of your inbox!

Corporate price per place = £1295.00 + VAT. Register at bottom of page. We offer special rates of £995 + VAT for non-profits, small business (fewer than 200 employees) and self-funding individuals - contact us here for details. Please contact us here for rates for Aspire Rewards Trailblazers.

Group Discounts: Bring friends or colleagues with you. For 2-5 people receive a 10% discount on usual rates; for 6-10 people receive a 15% discount; for 11+ people receive a 20% discount. Email us here to register for group rates.

Find out more about the agenda and speaker line up  HERE.

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To Boldly Go Where No Woman Has Gone Before…

The BBC has ‘courageously’ challenged tradition and enraged traditionalists by announcing a female Dr Who but there is still a big difference today in 2017 in the image that many companies portray and what really goes on behind closed doors as regards the appointment of women leaders.