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Best Practices

ASPIRE is in the unique position of working with a number of global companies and has worked with more than 20,000 senior business leaders around the world . . . and counting. This experience and reach affords us keen and fresh insight into the latest thinking, research and best practices related to gender diversity and inclusion and its societal and business effects.

• Learn from ASPIRE’s track record: best practices, mentoring and fresh insight.

• Access our extensive library of research and resources, including gender diversity and inclusion studies, statistics from around the world, and ASPIRE founder Dr. Sam Collin’s doctoral thesis, “The Future World of Work for Women Leaders in Banking and Professional Services in New York and London.”

7 Ways to Help You Move Forward

Feeling stuck? Sometimes all it takes to move forward, even take gentle baby steps, is an encouraging word in your ear. Aspire’s CEO, Dr Sam Collins, offers seven simple pieces of wisdom to help you move to the next level.