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ASPIRE’s founder, Dr. Sam Collins, brings an experiential- and research-based academic philosophy to all ASPIRE engagements, programmes, services and offerings.

  • ASPIRE conducts an annual, international survey of women in the workplace and publishes its findings in a comprehensive report, “Success Secrets of Female Leaders,” which is made available to the public.
  • ASPIRE works with clients to identify the gender business case for their organisation, areas of strength and challenges, and to assess competitor positions related to gender diversity and inclusion.
  • ASPIRE researches return on investment and conducts baseline studies plus ongoing analytics to measure the effects of organisational gender diversity and inclusion initiatives over time.
  • ASPIRE facilitates focus groups and scenario testing in-person and/or by phone to test or pilot new programmes, concepts, ideas, services, product offerings and organisational change.

“The Top 3 skills that women most want to develop to make their leadership even more successful are raising their profile, communicating more powerfully, and developing more memorable presence and impact” (Aspire Report, Women Who Make it Work: The Secrets of Success for Female Leaders 2008).

7 Ways to Help You Move Forward

Feeling stuck? Sometimes all it takes to move forward, even take gentle baby steps, is an encouraging word in your ear. Aspire’s CEO, Dr Sam Collins, offers seven simple pieces of wisdom to help you move to the next level.