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The Aspire Foundation - Making A Difference to 1 Billion Women & Girls by 2020

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1 Billion Women and Girls by 2020!!

Currently impacting:

16.2 Mill

... women and girls

But we still want to reach

983 Mill

... women and girls


% of target



The Aspire Foundation is the not for profit and social responsibility arm of Aspire. We inspire and empower ‘M.A.D.’ – 'Making A Difference' women working in not for profits, charities and social enterprises to make the world a better place. We support them to make an even bigger difference to the number of women and girls they impact. In this way, we are creating a multiplier effect of change.

We believe that if more women gain business, social and economic freedom, the world will become a more equal, ethical and balanced place.

Our goal is to make a difference to 1 billion women by 2020. We do this through empowering ‘MAD’ – 'Making A Difference' women working in charities and social enterprises around the world that are already making a difference to women and girls through mentoring, online events and ‘M.A.D’ (making a difference) Leadership Conferences around the world that are expertly tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of women - not to mention the incredible support, inspiration and positive challenge that comes from being in a like minded global network of women and men who are advocates for the advancement of women.

“Aspire is an amazing organisation that inspires and brings women together to make the world a better place for women and girls to succeed in their lives, whatever their goals may be.” – Alison Middleton, Senior HR Manager, Baker & McKenzie, Greater China

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